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Meat :
The guinea fowl are reared primarily for meat and egg purpose. The common guinea fowls weigh about 2kg and the male weigh less than the females. The guinea fowl will start laying eggs as early as 16-17 weeks. The shell of the egg is really hard so it difficult for the artificial incubation. The period of incubation is 26 to 28 days. The guinea fowls eat weed seeds, fruits, berries, insects, spiders, grass, worms and frogs.

Egg :
The guinea fowl lay up to 100 eggs per year depends on the breeding and management. The size of the egg is smaller than that of the hen and weighs about 40gms. Guinea fowl meat is rich with vitamins and low in cholesterol.

Special features :

  • Hardy bird
  • Suitable to any agro-climatic condition
  • Resistant to many common diseases of chicken
  • No requirement of elaborate and expensive housing
  • Excellent foraging capabilities
  • Consumes all non-conventional feed not used in chicken feeding
  • More tolerant to mycotoxin and aflatoxin
  • Hard egg shell provides minimum breakage and long keeping quality
  • Guinea fowl meat is rich in vitamin and low in cholesterol

Production characteristics :

  • Weight at 8 weeks 500-550 g
  • Weight at 12 weeks 900-1000 g
  • Age at first egg 230-250 day
  • Average egg weight 38-40 g
  • Egg production (in one laying cycle from March to September) 100-120 eggs
  • Fertility 70-75%
  • Hatchability on fertile eggs set 70-80%

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